From Grief, Depression, or Illness to Positivity & Healing

April 21, 2009


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After writing a very personal letter to myself and my baby last night, I wrote this poem and I am hoping it’s the one resolution I can stick to. Just because a person lets go of something, doesn’t mean they forget – but there comes a time in life when we just have to do that – let go. I can’t keep dwelling on the past – the past is what it is. I’m putting it behind me and moving on. My favorite saying is after all, LIVE-LOVE-LAUGH and I haven’t been doing that for quite a while – at least not to the full extent I should! So I’m going to LIVE more and dwell less, LOVE more and not resent and LAUGH more instead of cry. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but I’m writing this here because I”m giving my full permission for anyone to throw it back in my face if I am down one day lol. What made me come to this realization? I don’t know – it was something I wanted to do as my New Years resolution, then when that came and passed, I thought perhaps it’d be easier after my due date – but for some reason it just came to me last night – perhaps it was the bottle of wine and my thoughts combined lol – who knows, all I know is when I woke up in the morning, I still felt the same way – it’s just time. I’m so proud of me 😀

Please forgive me my angel
for I’ll never forget you.
Just the thought of that
makes me feel blue.

But I’m chosing to let you go
I hope that you can see
that if I don’t
I’ll forever lose ME!

Cause honey I see myself
losing my mind
and everyone sees it
and they’re not being unkind.

So everyone as my witness
I know now if I do that,
my strength will surely grow!


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