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June 18, 2009

The Salmon vs. Grief

Filed under: Grief Info — by Sue @ 1:38 pm

A hundred times
they lunge and strike
against the hurdles of a rock;
though hammering water
beats them back,
still their desire does not break.
Tehy coil & whip & kick,
tensile for their truth’s
sake; give to the miracle
of their treadmill leaping
the illusion of the natural………..

Sometimes the human being when dealing with the stresses of life stays downstream and drifts onward into the ocean. At other times, the human being can be like the salmon. As if responding to some greater call of nature, he will turn upstream and, negotiating a course through stressful events and difficult odds, will continue to leap. Drawn toward a destination upstream, the human being there fulfills one part of destiny and then also begins another.

Our task is to make something of our traumas and losses, and our reactions to them. We can drift on in an impaired existance or, like the salmon, we can continue to respond to that which is within us and beyond us, and make the leap, and find it worth the effort as we take our part in the larger scheme of things.

(Life After Loss – Getting Over Grief – Getting on with Life: [Francis MacNab])


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