From Grief, Depression, or Illness to Positivity & Healing

June 23, 2009

If we believe…..

Filed under: Grief Info — by Sue @ 12:26 pm

If we believe that suffering is as much a part of our lives as joy, and that we can grow, even from difficult experiences, then we will have the courage to live through the emotions and pain that are associated with suffering. If we are convinced that, down the road, we will recover from our pain, perhaps having grown a bit, then it will be easier to accept the difficult stages along the way. (pg 139)

You have to formulate new core beliefs that can help, such as “It is in the nature of things to turn back to life and live it to the fullest after a time of mourning” or “Grieving means a lot of hard inner work from which I will emerge healed in the end”.

You can also formulate personal affirmations that will promote healing:

– It’s ok and good to feel my emotions
– I have the courage to face my feelings.
– I have the strenght to live through this experience
– I have mastered other difficult situations in my life, and I will get through this one too.
– Even if they seem strange, I know my feelings are normal in people who grieve
– I will give myself the time I need
– I will not be ashamed for being envious of mothers and babies (for those people who have lost a child)
– I will grow from this experience

(pg 140)


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