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December 12, 2009

What’s been going on…..

Filed under: My Rambling Thoughts....=D — by Sue @ 2:23 am

So Christmas is coming up soon…..the time of year I HATE… me Scrooge, call me whatever, I just really hate this time of year……

It’s sad really because I used to love Christmas….wouldn’t matter how cold or miserable it got, being with my family was always fun….our “tradition” was to stay up until midnight just watching movies or whatever and then at midnight, bring the presents down….now when I was younger, I obviously went to bed and got woken up shortly after midnight, shortly after “Santa” had left……even long after I stopped believing in Santa, I carried on the tradition because some things you just don’t want to change……then we’d open presents, laugh, giggle, eat an early breakfast, and of course us being Scottish, drink lots of tea……then we’d go to bed around 5am, have a lazy morning and then go out for dinner at night…..we were the only family members in Canada, the rest of our family is in Scotland, so it was so nice just spending the time together…….
Then my family moved in 1998 back home to Scotland… things had to change….no more family traditions…..but “whatever”….i’m adaptable! or at least so I thought…….

I met my hubby that year and him and his family have kept me entertained ever since, and I do love getting together at xmas, but it’s just not the same…….I haven’t spent xmas with my family in over 10 years and I truly do miss the “traditional” Mason family Xmas…..

How do I get over this? Well I”m grateful I have a Xmas to look forward to…many of us don’t….but I still get what I guess is seasonal depression – which is better than what I was a couple of years ago……….

OK so this is quite a bit of rambling but figured I hadn’t written in awhile so thought it was owed……my typical feelings for the holidays are BAH HUMBUG but to those of you that do enjoy it, I hope you have a great one…….xo Sue


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