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March 2, 2010


Filed under: My Rambling Thoughts....=D — by Sue @ 11:47 am

So I got a copy of my blood work from last week that my family doctor ordered – my b12 has gone from 75 up to 127 and my ferritin’s gone from 18 to 28 – this is all since May – I em’d it to my GI doc as he didnt’ have the hard copy at my visit last week and he said it’s still way to low.

My CK is quite elevated and platelets have dropped since last set of bld work – but he said not to worry about that for now – sure, easier said than done lol

I googled CK as I wasn’t sure what it was other than it stands for creatnine/kinase – I got this: CK Clinically is assayed in bld tests as marker of heart attack,severe muscle breakdown,muscular dystrophy,& acute renal failure ….so yeah, that doesn’t make me feel much better but it would make sense of muscle break down since I hurt all over, and the question of fibromyalgia might be raised he said in the future….. so as long as he said not to worry about it for now, I guess I won’t!

But seriously, talk about frustrating! I don’t go for my colo until May 6th, then f/u with the GI doc won’t be until end of May/beginning of June – so I have to go through another few months of feeling like this? I don’t know who to feel worse for, me or for all my friends that have to hear about it!

I’m so glad I’ve found people that do understand though and can appreciate the fact that you sometimes just need to vent…..or throw a frustrated temper tantrum! =D


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