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June 10, 2009

It’s 2 years today mum….miss you….xo

Filed under: MY Poetry — by Sue @ 1:26 am

It’s hard to believe 2 years have gone by.
How has it gone so fast?
When I think of the last time I talked to you,
I wish I had known it would have been my last….

I would not have left that day,
I would have stayed,
That’s just something I’ll always regret
One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made.

But I know you’re at peace now,
and no longer suffer through the pain.
That’s one small comfort,
it’s what has kept me sane.

I still talk to you though,
you’re never far from my thoughts.
Your strength still amazes me,
and I’m glad it’s something you taught.

For when I’m down,
I think of what you over came,
and I can only hope
that my strength is the same.

You will always be my “mama”
and I’ll always be your “hen”
till the day,
I can see you again.

Till that day comes,
I’ll stick by our promise of “No Tears”….
but we never listened to that,
so I promise there won’t be too many – don’t you fear!

Love you and miss you forever mum, my friend and my angel.

Sue (June 9, 2009)


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